Quartz Bangers and Nails

Here at Bat Kountry, we offer an ever-expanding selection of quality quartz bangers and nails for dabbing. The quartz banger is a key item needed for dabbing on a glass bong or rig. It is typically used in place of a bowl, and it can be heated to high temperatures using a torch.

Our hand crafted quartz bangers and nails heat up quickly and provide a much cleaner flavor. This allows you to get to the ideal temperature more quickly and to really enjoy the flavors you were meant to experience.

We also have a selection of top quality terp slurpers with marbles in a wide selection of colors and styles.  

Through our quality control checks, we inspect each and every banger and nail to ensure excellent air flow, and that they are absolutely clear, symmetrical and solid in construction. All of our selections are shipped directly from California.