14mm 90˚ Angle Degree Quartz Turp Slurper Set A, by Diamond Glass

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Diamond Glass has just released 2 Quartz Turp Slurper sets and it is everything we had hoped for.  This sets differ in their banger design. This is DG's set A and it includes a single solid piece quartz banger with custom ground joints and a beautiful top marble, middle marble, and pill. This Quartz banger has one of the most popular designs right now, it has a lower stem and a tray built into the bucket, and utilizes vortex technology to create a natural spiral of air for vaporizing. This set is perfect to add to any piece.

* Caution!!*  Please only apply heat to the bottom dish of your turp slurper banger. Heating the bucket where the center bead is located can cause thermal shock and cause it to crack. 

  • Type: quartz turp slurper banger w/marble set
  • Joint size: 14mm male
  • Dimensions: 1"(L) x 3"(W) x 3"(H)
  • Weight: 1.4 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    I LOVE IT.

    I've bought at least 4 turp slurpers in the past year. They usually all have the same problems. This slurper is literally the best one I've brought so far. It's better than Terporium. It's better than the Dab specilist. Ect...

    1. The marble actually FITS. You'd be surprised how many turp slurpers come with a top marble that doesn't fit!

    2. The pill doesn't get stuck to the sides or bottom when not used.

    3. The Bucket is literally the perfect height. I hate the super deep buckets that just lets all your dab stick to the side.

    4. This one was literally HALF the price of some of the other ones I bought. I feel dumb for wasting so much money on turp slurpers when this one was out there the whole time.

    5. The pink marbles are super cute <3

    Josh C.
    Awesome function

    I have a few of these. If I wasn’t clumsy at times then I wouldn’t have had to buy so many. These are the best slurpers in my opinion. I have some other big names and these function better. I have every color that bat kountry sells.

    jason m.
    Good banger but one issue on my end

    Great looking banger but totally realized after buying it that I had purchased the wrong size, needed a 10mm and bought a 14mm.... oops

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