Ash Catchers

Ash catcher is an upgrade that can be attached to any waterpipe, bong, or rig that yields many additional benefits.  Like the name states, it catches and helps prevent ash and resin from building up in your piece.  With the ash catcher attached it is like having an extra filtration system, it is the first thing smoke passes through before entering your main waterpipe, bong or rig.  Having an ash catcher helps prevent buildup and creates that smooth clean hit we all strive for.  When you attach an ash catcher to any piece it turns it right away from ordinary to extraordinary. Besides the added functionality, it just looks awesome!!! 

We have a wide array of ash catchers to fit every need.  Ash catchers comes usually in the standard joint size of 14mm and 18mm.  we also offer different angles of 45 degree and 90 degree.  Please make sure to check your waterpipe, bong, or rig to see what size or angle best fits your piece. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with what ash catcher best fits your need.