About us

Bat Kountry was created for those who love unique novelty items. We focus on finding the best smoking accessories, glass art pieces, fashion, and anything we find that’s cool and interesting, and what gets us going is being able to share that with you! Our main goal is to find you quality items at a great price.

At Bat Kountry, we are your online corner store for unique, interesting and fun items that genuinely bring absolute bliss to people. We’ve always loved walking into headshops and novelty stores around the world, but we often find that the price does not reflect the quality of the items. In the past, I have personally overpaid for smoking accessories and felt ripped off.

This is one of the main reasons Bat Kountry was created- to offer you products that with quality, beauty, functionality, yet at competitive prices. Our mission is to help you obtain the items that we find interesting without breaking the bank. This is not to say the products we offer are cheap. We’d rather put up a product we approve, have it at a lower price, but know that we are offering you a quality piece that someone will obtain and be happy with it.

We want to make visiting our site totally interesting and fun. We will continuously have giveaways, contests, and the more you spend with us, the more we will offer you in gifts and rewards. As we grow, you will see it reflected in our promotions,discounts and offers to you. We truly want you to have a happy shopping experience with us. Customer service is our main priority and we strive to offer the best shipping policies to make the online shopping experience an easy one. Our goal is to always have interesting “bat crazy” items for you to see and enjoy. Join us here at Bat Kountry!