8" Silicone Rig w/ Translucent Hourglass

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If you're like me, you like to see all the functions at work when you take a rip. That's what makes this see through clear silicone piece special.  It's a two-chamber rig with a honeycomb and showerhead function built in.  It's got color added at all the right places and cleared out enough everywhere else to where you can see the bubbles and action of this little piece at work.  This rig comes with a glass screen funnel bowl and a dab tool.  Hits like a champ!
  • Type: rig
  • Materials: translucent (see-through) silicone base, glass funnel bowl, metal dab tool
  • Percolator: honeycomb and showerhead
  • Bowl size: 14mm
  • Colors: black/green/white or green/white
  • Dimensions: 4"(L) x 3"(W) x 8"(H)
  • Weight: .44 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Jake K.
So much function in such a small package!

I got this little one for flower on the go. Wasn't expecting much aside from unbreakable and cheap to ditch, but was pleasantly surprised =D I didn't think I would enjoy flower out of something silicone and this size so much, but I find myself reaching for it at home even! It's just fun and the hits are delicious!!!

The screened bowl needs a wire to keep clean, but it keeps ash out of the bong like you have a catcher on it. Also, the tube inside the perc adds a lot of restriction (can see it removed in one of the pictures), which is not so great for flower. Good news is it functions perfectly with it removed! Finally, as if this little legend couldn't get any better, not pictured is a removeable lid in the bottom! If you don't want to store your dabs in there, I can see it as a nice slot for a reclaim catcher lid (fits mine?).

Amazing piece for what it is/its low $ (was $25 shipped to my door, 2 days cross-country...)

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