Twin Cylinder Rig, by ICON Glass

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This is ICON Glass' newest addition, the Twin Cylinder Rig. This design is their new take on recyclers. This rig just looks stacked literally it starts with a slit percolator at the base that leads any water and smoke up to the twin cylinders and circles them through to make sure everything is filtered and prevents water splashing up. Any water that makes it pass the cylinders is then met with the cone shaped splash guard and prevented from entering the final layer the mouthpiece. By the time the smoke hits your lips it is smooth and filtered. Comes with a handle funnel bowl. 
  • Brand: ICON Glass

  • Style: Rig

  • Percolator: none

  • Downstem: 

  • Bowl size: 14mm funnel bowl 

  • Dimensions: 6"(L) x 3"(W) x 9"(H)

  • Weight: .75 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Customer Service and Priducts!

I’ve purchased several rigs and bogs through BatKountry and it’s always been a pleasure! The products arrive well wrapped and very quickly. I just placed an order last night around 10 and received an email it’s been fulfilled already and ready to ship. Mark even sent me a personal email thanking me for my purchase!

Thanks, Mark! I’m referring all my friends to you!


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