18" Beaker Bong Diamond Sea Mine w/ double multi-arm percs + tree arm, by Diamond Glass

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This is definitely one of our favorite pieces by Diamond Glass.  The Diamond Sea Mine just has it all.  It is a beaker bong that starts with a stemless joint that leads to two multi-arm ball percs that resemble sea mines.  This starts the bubbling action that leads to the next chamber where a 10 arm attached tree perc awaits. The tree perc continues the filtration process and any water and smoke that get sent up is met with another 4 arm perc that acts as a last filter and splash guard. By the time the smoke hits your lips it has been processed perfectly to give you that smooth clean hit. Diamond has also added there signature coloring throughout the piece to give it a little more flare. Comes with color match 18mm funnel bowl. Please note that this has an extra thick blown out stem, so most ash catchers will not fit  contact us for more information.

  • Brand: Diamond Glass
  • Style: Beaker
  • Percolator: double multi-arm ball percs + double tree percs
  • Downstem: double stemless
  • Ice Pinch: yes
  • Bowl size: 18mm
  • Dimensions: 7"(L) x 6"(W) x 18"(H)
  • Weight: 2.88 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jake K.
Wanted to like it more...

It's as smooth and tasty as everyone says it is! I wanted to like it more, but the final stage four arm perc has the smallest slits that get clogged with re-condensed vapors no matter how high or dry you run it. I average about 10 bowls out of it before it's too hard to pull and needs full on cleaned. And as you can guess, it's not the easiest to make like new again. I want to be able to at least run a bong for a day before it needs cleaned. The average stoner will find themselves cleaning this several times a day if it's all they are running. I feel like taking it to my local blower to see if they can remove the top perc that's how much I like it otherwise!

Gorgeous, rips like a dream, hard to clean

I found and purchased this piece as a xmas gift to myself in 2020. While I love hitting her, Sshe's currently collecting some dust on my shelf for a few reasons though:
1. She's a big girl, 18 inches. The airflow on her is really great because of the percs/size, she is definitely well made. (An ash catcher isn't *needed* but recommended to help with cleaning.) At this height and with the ball percs sitting on the bottom, you have to hit it on a flat surface and cannot tilt otherwise it creates and air pocket that bypasses the water and gives you an over heated, unfiltered hit. As long as you hit it on table and keep the balls submerged (without over filling) it's the smoothest hitting piece I own.
2. She is hard AF to clean, an ash catcher/glass screen or some kind of filter is *highly recommended*(more so filter than ash catcher as to not impede air flow). You don't want little particles getting stuck in those ball percs, its a BITCH and a half trying to get them out and if you don't, they make it to the shower head perc in the middle and then you're stuck shaking and rinsing for ages.(Which is tedious and dangerous because of the size of this thing, and even worse if you have a smaller sink) I have in the past filled her up all the way with a diluted iso solution and let her soak for a few hours to get most particles off before giving a water flush. And I did all this AFTER shaking her down with salt and alcohol to break up most stuff. Sometimes I even pack salt in the down stem and then soak the salt with alcohol and let it sit before shaking it. Cleaning her with those percolators is truly an intensive process!
3. She has a 19mm bowl. I have an adapter, but using a 14mm bowl will mean taking only like 1 or 2 really nice hits off of her and then having to reload. The bigger bowl is definitely useful since she is large for parties and groups tho.

She is a real investment and one of my first higher priced pieces. I really love this piece it's very well made, beautiful on my shelf, and hits like a dream. Just wanted to share that she is definitely for someone who is happy to clean and take care of glass since I have learned so much in owning her about glass, cleaning, and function of pieces. She is truly a piece that I love and cherish, but she is also one that I got more for aesthetics and collecting more than for every day use. She is absolutely perfect for pulling off the shelf, packing a large snap in a 14mm bowl, using a filter or screen and taking 2-4 solid rips. Will get you very stoned and happy, and hits so freaking smoothly! Add a little ice or a Tar Cutter and it's like breathing fresh air, I promise you. Also really good for packing 2- 3 19mm bowls for a group to smoke, but after the second bowl (at that size) it gets pretty tarr-y and sticky and you'll want to switch bowls. After an intense session or two, its time to give her a good clean with iso tho. It's not a piece that you want to let get really nasty as cleaning even when it's lightly used can be a hassle. She's one of those pretty pieces that we get for looks and good function, but in my experience daily use, isn't as practical, especially if you share with friends often. She's a prissy girl that needs a good amount of maintenance to keep in good shape. Overall, owning her has been a real joy and after writing this review I'm gonna go home and take 2 fat rips out of her because she is so smooth and 2 hits gets be blasted with how big they are. However, owning her after a few months and needing to keep her clean, made me look for a smaller, simpler beaker without percolators that's better for daily use.

Great choice

I’m in love with this bong. It it made of thick quality glass and very sturdy. Smooth rips. Definitely recommend.

Best Overall Bong

From the thicker glass in the middle for a sturdy holding place, the large base at the bottom so it's never top heavy, and the awesome percolation in the glass. It's the best piece I've ever owned, throw a decent ash catcher on there and it's 100% perfect. Cool/large hits, durable glass, easy to clean, looks great. I got mine and a few friends/family members went and got a sea mine as well. Legit the best.

Alex M.
Beautiful Piece

Huge clean rips!!

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