Ash Catcher w/ 14mm Joint, 90˚ Angle, Showerhead + Recycler Perc, by Diamond Glass

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  • Save $41.99

This hefty hunk of Diamond Glass is one of the best ash catchers in the game. It starts with the percolator stemming into a sleek violet disc with vertical slits in it, creating a well designed showerhead function that has splash reduction properties. The joint is upgraded on this model with a recycling chamber, therefore maximizing filtration to pristine levels, resulting in very clean satisfying rips from your waterpipe.

  • Brand: Diamond Glass

  • Style: ash catcher

  • Material: 5mm borosilicate glass

  • Percolator: partially colored showerhead + recycler

  • Joint dimensions: 14mm, 90 degrees

  • Dimensions: 3" (L) x 2.5"(W) x 5" (H)

  • Weight: 6oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

It honestly was exactly what I needed for my rig. The water stays cleaner longer even though changing water daily. Smooth rips every time so far. The only complaint is I wish the logo was a little darker but that’s just being picky etc

Patricia S.

Ash Catcher w/ 14mm Joint, 90˚ Angle, Showerhead + Recycler Perc, by Diamond Glass


This 18mm ash catcher is stupid fire! I would suggest just buying the 14mm to 18mm adapter to buy this one, the way it hits is a whole new type of level hahaha! 2 thumbs up on my end! THANKS BAT KOUNTRY for keeping the prices affordable, really appreciate that and the shipping speed, 2-3 days MAX!

Ash catcher recycler works great

By far one of my favorite styles of ash catchers simply cause it doesn’t let any of the ashes or dirty water overflow into the main chamber of my bong which seems to happen with a lot of older style ashcatchers. I also am a fan of diamond glass; their glasswork has been on point since my first bong I’ve gotten from them. Just a heads up as mentioned by the other comments, the recycler function isn’t as great as a rig but I believe it works as intended as it works well at keep the ash inside the catch.

Travis C.

Works like it should the recycler however doesnt function but still keeps piece clean

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