14mm Horn Screen Bowl, by Diamond Glass

  • $21.00
  • Save $14

These are Diamond Glass' newest horn bowls.  They are beautifully hand blown with a long spiral horn handle for easy pull on and off action.  They have also added a little mushroom marble on the side to really make this piece stand out.  The best part of this bowl is the built-in screen they put inside this bowl instead of a regular hole most bowls have. This really helps keep things in place and adds to the airflow.
  • Type: 14mm Horn screen bowl
  • Joint: male 14mm
  • Dimensions: 1"(L) x 2.5"(W) x 2.5"(H)
  • Weight: 1 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Great service and great quality

    I had ordered the purple screen bowl and mentioned a bowl I ordered a while ago was messed up and they sent me and brand new on top of the one I bought great service will 100% shop here again in fact last time I bought some bowls they sent me a free bowl

    Quick shipping, diamond glass always great

    Packaged well and discreetly, included a free gift which was a nice surprise. Diamond bowl glass, you know what you are getting. High quality made in USA budget glass. Thanks for the stickers!

    Seth C.
    Great Product

    Got exactly what I paid for in a very timely manner. My new piece was at my door within a few days of ordering. Super happy with the quality of the product and the efficiency of the shipping. Overall very satisfied with my purchase, and I will definitely be using Bat Kountry again in the future.

    Rob S.
    14mm Horn Screen Bowl

    Awesome! Just get it!

    First time buying glass online (after 25yrs of buying glass) I was sketch not holding it beforehand

    Never having had purchased any glass whatsoever that I didn’t hold in my hand first, I was really sketch about buying online, but I got sick and tired of seeing the mark ups. The stores were charging. I love supporting my local businesses, but when they’re marking things up thousands of percent Can’t keep shopping w em. This is one back country that I wouldn’t stopping in for a while, and probably would even leave the flyswatter at home ahahahahahah. I didn’t even spend $100 and Mark just so happen to hook it up with a nice little 4 inch spoon piece. At first glance through the bubble wrap, I thought it was a little cheapie, but it was also a freebie, so I didn’t really care about that. But, when I actually opened it, it wasn’t some POS (and believe me I’m very picky, I will not smoke out of glass that’s too cheaply made) it hits great and just adds to the exceptional first time experience of buying glass online. As if that wasn’t enough, they threw in a bunch of swag aka a nice lil variety of BK slaps!! I will definitely be coming back for more ASAP as I tend to somehow make glass self destruct….lol but I just have to say that this was awesome awesome experience. The five stars is not enough for y’all! And to say I was sketched out about buying glass online is a vast understatement coming from a collector who’s very, very very picky about their glass. Thanks again to Mark and the rest of the team over at BatKountry they gave me faith in something; something I otherwise didn’t have.

    Much love and good vibes,

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