14" Double Showerhead Bong w/ Ice Pinch, by Diamond Glass

  • $159.00
  • Save $110

Look at the size of those showerheads!!! Diamond Glass really went all out on these showerheads.  The piece starts off with a stemless joint that leads to the first large fire-polished multi-slit floating showerhead that right away starts the bubble filtration action the sec you take a hit. As if the smoke didn't get enough action, it is then led to the next showerhead where it is filtered even more, before finally reaching up to you for the smoothest hit. The beautiful splash of color added to this piece really makes it stand out as one of the finest glass pieces out there! Made in the USA.
  • Brand: Diamond Glass
  • Style: straight tube bong
  • Percolator: double showerhead 
  • Stemless
  • Ice Pinch: yes
  • Bowl size: 18mm
  • Dimensions: 6"(L) x 5"(W) x 14"(H)
  • Weight: 43oz

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