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Badass Piece, Even Better Service

This piece is a ripper. I’ve really dug the experience thus far. I’ve had it for a whopping two days and have already broken the matching bowl. I reached out to the sales team in a Sunday and received a response the same day saying they would replace it. 12/10 would recommend.

Best bong I’ve owned

In terms of functionality it’s one of the best bongs I’ve used, it’s just the right height and the mouthpiece is the perfect size. Once you get the downstem you like it makes it an absolute beast of a piece.

Perfect color!

High yellow gold just as shown, fast processing and shipping. Made a great Christmas gift for someone with small hands too

Ash catcher

Great product, really catches all the ash and makes the bong much smoother and simply perfect. Also the company is really good, my original product went out of stock after I ordered and they compensated me with a similar ash catcher but of higher price. Cero complaints on my side

Exactly as ordered

Super fast shipping, the rig was padded and wrapped with care, no complaints!

Good quality ashcatcher

After a week wait and a Email later I recieved a expedited amazing ash catcher 3 days after email . I will be purchasing other products.

Great product and great price

And Mark threw in a free pipe!

Great build quality and smoke

Not to sound cliché, but I highly recommend this glass for its price! The smoke is smooth and most of the cleaning only needs to be done on the bowl and the downstem (and then after that, the walls of both chambers slowly build up some resin). The two chambers, one with the slitted downstem and the other with the 8 arm tree perc do an excellent job by themselves in filtering the smoke. The ice catcher pushes it over the top. It's also a gorgeous piece, which enticed me right from the start

Ash Catcher w/ 14mm Joint, 90˚ Angle, Matrix + Recycler Perc, by Diamond Glass

Pretty nice

I like it a lot, I have an 18’ beaker and a custom downstem. I was worried it would make the function worse from the restriction but it actually ended up making the whole hit smoother. Definitely glad I got this ash catcher

Yup....Im Zooted

This thing helps with rips, and I immediately felt how nice the hits were. Will check back in a bit if I need to update but so far so good!

Great piece, great price

This piece is exactly as described, a great deal on Diamond Glass for sure.


Great piece. Customer service reached out to me to let them know shipping would be delayed for their trade show, which was really nice. Prompt shipping. Would definitely recommend this piece and this seller! (:

Love the new piece!

Always Coming through with the fast delivery everything wraps super nice and the deals are the best I think I complain on let’s get some of the color is back in service pink purple shit LOL! But super happy with this online head shop I found BAT🦇KOUNTRY you guys STAY KICKING ASS! THANKS FOR ANOTHER SAFE DELIVERY


The perfect lil piece and came in 2 days!!!

excellent product with great shipping

great shipping with awesome packaging with actual inventory not sold out like most shops these days. quality glass from diamond glass always worth it. excellent hits from the ash catcher. compared to bigger ash catchers its more of a choke so to speak than a bigger freer flowing ash catcher. showerhead perc is excellent


I’ve been smoking for years, but this is absolutely my favorite piece. The drag isn’t too long but the filter along with the additions you can get with it are perfect, and because it’s a straight tube it’s super easy to clean.

Love it perfect size!

Arrived quickly and for a small little bugger this thing packs a punch definitely a keeper!

Awesome pink Thank you!

So cute! And the quality by Diamond Glass is awesome. My gf loves pink so she's really digging this. Thank you Bat Kountry! Fast delivery and well packaged 5stars cheers~

Best Overall Bong

From the thicker glass in the middle for a sturdy holding place, the large base at the bottom so it's never top heavy, and the awesome percolation in the glass. It's the best piece I've ever owned, throw a decent ash catcher on there and it's 100% perfect. Cool/large hits, durable glass, easy to clean, looks great. I got mine and a few friends/family members went and got a sea mine as well. Legit the best.

Amazing ash catcher!

Amazing little ash catcher I wish it was a 14 mm but 80 mm just fine just got a buy little attachment so if it’s what I need it for. Definitely a good piece to have for the collection


This 18mm ash catcher is stupid fire! I would suggest just buying the 14mm to 18mm adapter to buy this one, the way it hits is a whole new type of level hahaha! 2 thumbs up on my end! THANKS BAT KOUNTRY for keeping the prices affordable, really appreciate that and the shipping speed, 2-3 days MAX!

Great Quality

Thick glass, great quality

Couldn't be happier

5 stars all day every day

Rips smooth!

Smooth little ripper! Thought it was going to be a little bigger, but works good all the same. Super happy it came with a bowl and banger.