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Shipped within expected times, arrived in protective shipping, was not damaged, & works perfectly. They included a gift 18mm bowl with my order too. 5*

Lollipop Hand Pipe

I bought this as a gift for someone else & I must say that y'all should get a new photographer! The pictures of your products don't do them a bit of justice! THIS PIECE IS AWESOME! Way bigger than the pic makes it look! I'll let you know how it smokes, if I get the chance.

Hook Hitter

This is a very cool pipe. For me, it has a nice smooth hit, but that could be what I smoke in it. The curve of the pipe keeps the "Scooby Snacks" from reaching your mouth, if you're not using a screen. This nifty little pipe even survived a fall from my lap to the pavement w/o cracking, breaking, or chipping. Not that I recommend dropping it. Easier to clean that one would think!

One of my favs

Super cool slide. Gonna buy another one. Thank you!


WOW is all I can say. I had to go out of my way and share because I feel this company went out of their way for me! They did GREAT. I received the item on time, if not slightly earlier than expected. It is beautiful and was safely wrapped. It came with not only a FREE bowl pipe, but a SECOND diamond bowl piece with white on it rather than the original clear bowl. This was much appreciated especially for the holidays! I cant provide a picture because I had to wrap it back up, but more updates can or will be provided soon! THANK YOU!

Ash Catcher w/ 14mm Joint, 45˚ Angle Reti Perc, by Diamond Glass

Grinder, 4-Piece 3-Level 2.5" w/ Olympus Window, by Chromium Crusher

Fast shipping great quality

Have owned a few “Baseball style” bongs. I love the thick base on this one and it has a great shape. Loved the extra bowl we got as a little surprise. And of course our free pipe that came with our first purchase was beautiful. Def would buy again and suggest buying it to other. Shipping was very fast. Packaging was thorough. Very well packed and felt confident in all shipping in the future with this company

I really like this piece and worth the money. Easy to clean. I would of liked it more if they included the free spoon that was offered.


Excellent piece, fast shipping, will shop again.


These guys are awesome. I had a small issue and they went above and beyond to make it right. I will be getting from them again


Had to get another one, as my piece fall and had to get another, keeps my beaker lots cleaner and smoother sessions.

Awesome find!

Smokes great and looks really cool. I got the black and white because it reminded me of Beetlejuice lol

I really like bowls that have a nice air chamber under them. If you have a piece that doesn't feel right with a funnel bowl, try putting on a brakes with cup bowl and even further with a cup bowl that has a large air chamber under it (like this one!)

So much function in such a small package!

I got this little one for flower on the go. Wasn't expecting much aside from unbreakable and cheap to ditch, but was pleasantly surprised =D I didn't think I would enjoy flower out of something silicone and this size so much, but I find myself reaching for it at home even! It's just fun and the hits are delicious!!!

The screened bowl needs a wire to keep clean, but it keeps ash out of the bong like you have a catcher on it. Also, the tube inside the perc adds a lot of restriction (can see it removed in one of the pictures), which is not so great for flower. Good news is it functions perfectly with it removed! Finally, as if this little legend couldn't get any better, not pictured is a removeable lid in the bottom! If you don't want to store your dabs in there, I can see it as a nice slot for a reclaim catcher lid (fits mine?).

Amazing piece for what it is/its low $ (was $25 shipped to my door, 2 days cross-country...)

Great products and fast shipping

Great products and fast shipping

Quick and Easy

I screwed up my address but they still got it to me on time appreciate the effort

Great product, quick shipping!

Second time buying from Bat Kountry and very happy both times. Quick shipping and quality products. Thanks!

Awesome piece

Only reason I knocked a star is because the filtration is a little tight on the downstem. Great piece highly recommend downstems are highly replaceable.

It’s my favored secret weapon.

It’s my favored secret weapon.

That shit rocks! all love to bat country

8” diamond glass beaker bong

Just got mine today, great quality! Definitely the right size for me it’s not too small not too big so I can take it practically anywhere. Fast shipping as well. They even sent me a bowl piece for free! Awesome little company.

Hammer Bubbler, by Diamond Glass (free banger included)

Diamond Trophy Rig with Double Percs, by Diamond Glass (free banger included)

Massive air flow and not a drop of ash in the bong!

Massive air flow and not a drop of ash in the bong after using it for two weeks! Super easy to clean. If you get some ash stuck under the honey comb, just fill with water and blow it out the top from the joint. Fits the larger bongs with blown out fixed-stems like the 18" sea mine by Diamond perfectly!

Wanted to like it more...

It's as smooth and tasty as everyone says it is! I wanted to like it more, but the final stage four arm perc has the smallest slits that get clogged with re-condensed vapors no matter how high or dry you run it. I average about 10 bowls out of it before it's too hard to pull and needs full on cleaned. And as you can guess, it's not the easiest to make like new again. I want to be able to at least run a bong for a day before it needs cleaned. The average stoner will find themselves cleaning this several times a day if it's all they are running. I feel like taking it to my local blower to see if they can remove the top perc that's how much I like it otherwise!