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Super clean, cheap, and fast shipping.

Amazing: Over and above expectations

Crazy fast shipping, perfect packaging, and they even included a FREE extra bowl and a really cool hand pipe. These guys beat all other websites in terms of having a lower price, better customer service (always will talk to a real person), faster shipping time, and a huge selection of pieces, and on top of all that, even include a free gift. AMAZING! Oh yeah and my bong is cool too, but I'm more impressed with Bat Kountry as a website than my highly anticipated piece, but yeah, bong is perfect and is exactly, if not better, than expected.


best price, qualty glass,got here in one peace the first timed. NICE...

Awesome piece!

The triple perc action works very well, need to make sure all chambers are filled with water- but the hits are very smooth and not a lot of drag at all. The price is great for a bong like this, Bat Kountry was a pleasure to work with and very generous, plus cool freebies- definitely will be buying from them again.

Great ash catcher

Thick glass and high quality matrix perk . Great quality and prompt shipping . All around good expierence.

Great spoon, optimal size, shape, and look

This is a nice pipe to have, and even nicer for the sub $20 price! I don't like bowls that are too big or too small, and this one strikes a perfect balance. Same with the size of the pipe as a whole, big enough to feel significant in your hand without being unwieldy.

It has a ridge next to the carb which I initially found off putting, but once I got used to the finger placement I quickly grew to like it. No complaints, would buy again.

Great quality glass

Super smooth and easy to clean




It's solid I personally dig it alot and the color matches with my bong so it just feels right at home when ever I'm chiefing it up. Lmao

Still my favorite online store

There was a little hiccup in this order but the awesome store they are, they’re fixing it with no questions asked! I believe this is my second purchase of this piece lol the prices are the best!

Great choice

I’m in love with this bong. It it made of thick quality glass and very sturdy. Smooth rips. Definitely recommend.

how can i give a review when the product hasn’t shipped yet

Awesome function

I have a few of these. If I wasn’t clumsy at times then I wouldn’t have had to buy so many. These are the best slurpers in my opinion. I have some other big names and these function better. I have every color that bat kountry sells.

Awesome Piece, Great Company

This thing rips. Big things come in small packages and one of those happens to be flavor! Absolutely smooth and what a great addition to my collection. Fast shipping as in CA to PA in two days. Not my first time buying here and certainly won't be my last. What are you waiting for? Buy it already!

Tiny surprise

I didn't make the connection on how small this piece is compared to the 13 to 16 inch bongs I've been getting. I got it and was so thrown off. I was pretty sure it was going to be lame.
Uhhh.... it's amazing. I will never underestimate a small bong from Diamond again. And it's so pretty. The pink is vibrant but milky. I use it every day and it has me looking at other mini bongs.
This was my first order from BK. I was incredibly skeptical because of how low the prices are. They are 100% legit. And I got my package so fast that I had to have it held at the ups store so that I could get it privately lol. They also threw in a super cute pink pipe. I don't think I hit the free pipe amount
.. and they hooked it up.
I'm gonna shop now 😁

Second purchase

Both bongs showed up intact and the extra pipe you receive can be nice. First one was basic second was very nice. It was amazing they had what I was looking for. Only place I could find it.

Good banger but one issue on my end

Great looking banger but totally realized after buying it that I had purchased the wrong size, needed a 10mm and bought a 14mm.... oops

Shits legit. Fast ass shipping! No doubt I Will be using them again. Thanks BKRY

Most Dope

The bong is an absolute beauty. I can’t say enough about how perfect it is it’s just stupid good. Came package perfectly and the free spoon is so dope and artsy I’m not even gonna use it it’s on my desk as a show piece. Customer service could not have been better. Transaction was easy and shipping was fast. Plus where else can you find Diamond Gold Glass for such an amazing price? Flat out they are providing top quality unique pieces you want but don’t wanna tap the bank on. You can’t find the quality brands they provide cheaper anywhere else, you just can’t trust me I do my research. This bong was insanely expensive everywhere online and hard to find. Keep it up y’all, I’ll continue to order through Bat Kountry and suggest anyone reading this does the same. Much love from New York!

Works Great!! Harder to clean.

I've had plenty of Ash Catchers and this one by far is the best in terms of quality of production and the quality of the hit. The double perc inside the Ash Catcher creates a pretty tight pull which makes for a great upgrade for perc less or solo perc bongs. The only issue with it is the Honeycomb perc prevents larger un-burnt herbs from cleaning through it either way you try to, the perc prevents the necessary pressure from a faucet to flush the larger debris but otherwise with salt and alcohol all the nasty tar easily comes off. It's a bit heavy though cause Diamond Glass doesn't mess around to weaker bong stems may break over considerable amount of time. Would 100% buy again!!

A Real Beauty!

Excellent quality made ash catcher by Diamond Glass. Good volume with thick glass! Nice flow with the recycler design and works great.

Diamond Supply and Bat Kountry are the BEST

Everything diamond glass is top notch! I love both styles of Diamond Glass’s terp slurpers. I have an AFM terp slurper and a Terporium slurper as well and diamonds are far superior in function and quality. The AFM was more than double the price also. Bat Kountry and diamond glass are hands down the best!