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Bought it as a vase

Pretty; Holds flowere well.

Ash Catcher w/ 18mm Joint, 90˚ Angle, Matrix + Recycler Perc, by Diamond Glass

Prepare for blast off

Thing is dope period. 5/5

Great little Bong

Very sturdy, well made! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a personal size, high quality product

Just wow

Very sturdy not cheesy like other glass bongs. Loving this.

5 star product

Great shipping timing! Product is absolutely amazing and I am satisfied

Great Piece, Great Packaging!

Not much else to say, the piece is made well. Glass is super thick and feels solid, only complaint I have is I'm not a fan of the bowl but that's no big deal. Packaging was amazing, 3 layers of bubble wrap over the piece/bowl/stem and then 3 more over the bundle + packing peanuts. Definitely appreciate the extra care especially with how shippers treat stuff.


holds water perfect hits amazing and the shipping and packaging was 5 stars, will be back!

Quality glass as always

Diamond glass never seems to let me down and they definitely came through with this ash catcher, one of the coolest and most functional ash catcher I have ever owned and I have had quiet a few in my time. Lastly the percolation is great, lots of even bubbling, recycler works good as well, and on top of it all, it cleans out very, very easy, unlike most of my other ash catchers which always seem to have something stuck in the percolator, definitely recommend!!

8" In-Cycler Rig, by Diamond Glass (free banger included)

Best ashcatcher Ive ever owned. (ive had over a dozen)

just what the title says, if you have a 90 degree bong, then this is the best ashcatcher you will ever buy. hands down.

The last place I could still find a replacement for one of the best pieces i ever had so glad i did its just like i remembered plus fast shipping 👌🏾👌🏾

Diamond Glass Ash catcher

Great product and timely delivery...Thank you Bat Kountry I will be ordering more.

Great experience

The piece came wrapped safely and was received quickly. It works exactly as I expected and the rig is beautiful. The only complaint I had was the banger had a very strong plastic taste when using it the first time. I will have to remedy that before I use it again as it severely affects the taste of the concentrate. Other than that small issue which can't be helped, everything was great. They even sent a glass bowl which has come in handy already. Great experience and will definitely buy again!

Diamond Glass Cyclone Percolator

Beautiful, smooth hitting rig. Use as daily rig along with Diamond Glass Moonrock. Percolating cyclone mechanism provides consistent pulls every time. If you decide to purchase, you won’t be disappointed!

14mm Stained Glass Bubble Male Bowl

Circus Pipe

Love it!


Replaced my old bong and loving this 18 in honeycomb beauty. The hits are out of the world!!

A Work of Art

Truly unique. For a piece of this intricacy you cant beat the price. Quality was better than expected. This piece RIPS. Get an ash catcher and keep up on cleaning!

Great ash catcher

Works way better than expected. Lots of bubbles. Less material in your piece. Not that bad to clean either.

Ash Catcher w/ 14mm Joint, 45˚ Angle, Showerhead Perc, by Diamond Glass


Smooth! Get the ashtray catcher with it!!

Beautiful Black Diamond

I received my beautiful Black Diamond Beaker Bong from Bat Kountry today and was surprized buy the weight and thinkness of this bong. (Very pleased because I'm a cluts at heart and was fearful of breaking it.) I couldn't be more happy with my 12" 9mm Thick Heavy Beaker Bong, by Diamond Glass.