18" Beaker Bong Diamond Sea Mine w/ double multi-arm percs + tree arm, by Diamond Glass

  • $220.00
  • Save $50

This is definitely one of our favorite pieces by Diamond Glass.  The Diamond Sea Mine just has it all.  It is a beaker bong that starts with a stemless joint that leads to two multi-arm ball percs that resemble sea mines.  This starts the bubbling action that leads to the next chamber where a 10 arm attached tree perc awaits. The tree perc continues the filtration process and any water and smoke that get sent up is met with another 4 arm perc that acts as a last filter and splash guard. By the time the smoke hits your lips it has been processed perfectly to give you that smooth clean hit. Diamond has also added there signature coloring throughout the piece to give it a little more flare. Comes with color match 18mm funnel bowl. Please note that this has an extra thick blown out stem, so most ash catchers will not fit  contact us for more information.

  • Brand: Diamond Glass

  • Style: Beaker

  • Percolator: double multi-arm ball percs + double tree percs

  • Downstem: double stemless

  • Ice Pinch: yes

  • Bowl size: 18mm

  • Dimensions: 7"(L) x 6"(W) x 18"(H)

  • Weight: 2.88 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great choice

I’m in love with this bong. It it made of thick quality glass and very sturdy. Smooth rips. Definitely recommend.

Best Overall Bong

From the thicker glass in the middle for a sturdy holding place, the large base at the bottom so it's never top heavy, and the awesome percolation in the glass. It's the best piece I've ever owned, throw a decent ash catcher on there and it's 100% perfect. Cool/large hits, durable glass, easy to clean, looks great. I got mine and a few friends/family members went and got a sea mine as well. Legit the best.

Alex M.
Beautiful Piece

Huge clean rips!!

Nice Glass

I love this piece, LARGE smooth hits.

Brett r.
Looking to get a new one

So i got one of these bongs from a local smoke shop. It was the best bong ive ever own. Also its was a sentimental piece. Over this past weekend it slipped due to my hands being sweaty. It droke the top off and broke a piece off the middle. All 3 pieces go back together nicely but unfortunately i cant find a glass blower to fix it. So now ill be ordering one as soon as i can get some cash.

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