Ash Catcher w/ 14mm Joint, 45˚ Angle, Honeycomb to Showerhead, by Diamond Glass

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This is one of the most heavy-hitting ash catchers Diamond Glass has ever created.  It is a work of art in itself.  When added to any bong, you will immediately notice the difference.  The honeycomb showerhead combination is perfect for diffusion, and it helps keep your piece nice and clean.  This ash catcher just looks awesome and makes any piece stand out more. It'll will definitely help you to achieve that nice, smoooooth hit. 
  • Brand: Diamond Glass
  • Style: Ash Catcher
  • Percolator: honeycomb to showerhead
  • Joint dimensions: 14mm, 45 degrees
  • Dimensions: 34"(L) x 2"(W) x 5"(H)
  • Weight: 8oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katie G.
Very happy !

My ash catcher came so fast and got a really cool bowl with it

Calvin L.
Great product

Wonderful product. Makes hits super smooth, looks great, it's durable, and keeps your bong clean- what's not to like

Dylan V.
Works Great!! Harder to clean.

I've had plenty of Ash Catchers and this one by far is the best in terms of quality of production and the quality of the hit. The double perc inside the Ash Catcher creates a pretty tight pull which makes for a great upgrade for perc less or solo perc bongs. The only issue with it is the Honeycomb perc prevents larger un-burnt herbs from cleaning through it either way you try to, the perc prevents the necessary pressure from a faucet to flush the larger debris but otherwise with salt and alcohol all the nasty tar easily comes off. It's a bit heavy though cause Diamond Glass doesn't mess around to weaker bong stems may break over considerable amount of time. Would 100% buy again!!

Chris L.

Excellent ash catcher highly recommended

Amanda P.
Thought it was going to be amazing!

Really bulky with a very weak part that holds the whole thing together. Wouldn’t buy again.

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